Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Hindu Literary Review... Some good reading

The Hindu Literary Review is published once every month. Thanks to the internet I do not miss any issue. I remember a time when I would try my best to get a copy.The Army library I visited always had one, but I wanted one all for myself. Just look at some of the stuff they are offering this month and you will agree that any booklover who does not read this is missing a lot:

(1) Sachidananda Mohanty profiles Harold Pinter, this year's Nobel laureate for literature. In 1993 while spending a few days at Auroville I had met SM and a few of his friends. I still remember the lift I took in their jeep.

(2) Rakhshanda Jalil converses with Pakistani poet Fahmida Riaz.

(3) Aruna Chandaraju makes Anita Nair talk about her latest novel Mistress. We also have a review of this work by M Mukundan.

And there's lots more. Click here to get to where the good stuff is.


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