Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Hindustani Classical CDs of Pandit Amarnath

An email from Underscore Records informs me that a two volume audio CD pack of ragas sung by Pandit Amarnath of the Indore gharana has been released. These are recordings from his 1986 concert tour of the U.S.A.
The description on Amarnath's CD says "This selection showcases three recordings from a concert tour of the United States taken by Pandit Amarnath of the Indore gharana in the year 1986. The recording showcase Pandit Amarnath\'s vocal prowess as well his originality as a composer. "
Volume 1 contains three tracks : (1) Sarparda Bilawal (21.46) (2)Kalingada (13.00) (3)Shudh Sarang (23.54)
Volume 2 contains three tracks too : (1) Darbari (43.00) (2)Madhukauns (14.10) (3) Jogia (11.46)
Am sure these CDs will be quiet a listening experience.
The neat thing about Underscore Records is that one can order music and pay for it online. One of my prized possessions is the audio CD of the music of Kesarbai Kerkar which I had bought some months ago.
For those of you music lovers out there who do not know it singer Shubha Mudgal is associated with Underscore Records.


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