Wednesday, December 06, 2006

John McLaughlin and Shakti (from 1974)

John McLaughlin and Shakti

John Mc Laughlin is in India and the news made me feel nostalgic for the seventies... This piece from 1974 that I found at Youtube is the best tribute I can pay to John and Shakti.

As a viewer there puts it "Incredible! This brings back memories. I saw Shakti around 1976 or 1977. They played on campus at UC San Diego and blew away the crowd. The thing I remember most was John McLaughlin getting a standing ovation just for tuning up his guitar."

And if you click here you can see the many pieces on Shakti and McLaughlin available at Youtube.


Blogger alok said...

you should try the music CDs with their for their good quality audio to enjoy these concerts. In way this is hardly a fusion of East and West, because McLaughlin is playing Indian music on his guitar. What I enjoy the most in these concerts is the fusion of Hindustani and Karnatik (not found in India normally) - e.g., ghatam and tabla together.

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