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Alvida Sharan (Sarod) Rani...

Sharan Rani or Sarod Rani as she was popularly known is no more. She expired on Tuesday 8 April 2008 - a day before her 80th birthday. She was suffering from cancer. She was a disciple of Baba Allauddin Khan and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and was the first female sarod player in India. Her dedication to her art can be seen through the long list of awards she won - the Padmashri in 1968, the Sahitya Kala Parishad award - the Delhi State Honour in 1974, the Sangeet Natak Akademi award in 1986. And also her own admission of the three miscarriages she suffered because of holding the sarod pressed against her stomach. She had donated around 400 musical instruments to the National Museum. She wrote a book titled The Divine Sarod: its Origin, Antiquity and Development in India since BC 2nd century in 1992.

Playing with the Moroccan Oud player Nasser Houari (3:59)

Playing with Aashish Khan (grandson of Baba Allauddin Khan) (1:00)
Youtube video. Click here (embedding disabled)

The entry on Sharan Rani in the website of the Jain community: Click here

Sharan Rani's page on Music India online. You can hear some of her selected pieces here.

Strumming New Tunes - Sharan Rani reminisces about her student days. (India Today website)

Interview with Sharan Rani (1:11:17) (and also with other musicians). Click here

Brief obituary in The Hindu. Click here

Tribute in Rediff - click here

More links to Sharan Rani

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