Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Something about the songs of Geeta Dutt....

Geeta Dutt died in 1972. She was just 42 at that time. ("Those whom the Gods love..."). I was too young then. Not even into my teens. But I knew songs like 'Jaaney kya tuney kahi' from Guru Dutt's Pyaasa thanks to the open air cinema of the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE) Mhow (MP). My father was posted there and every thursday used to be the day for Hindi films. A weekly event I and my brothers looked forward to with great excitement in those pre-television days. Even though I couldn't understand the words of Geeta's songs their words and music hypnotised me. Add to that the stunning black and white scenes from Guru Dutt's films. Today I happened to see a VCD of Geeta's songs. Titled Shradhanjali it contains ten of her most well known songs. These are (1) Babuji Dhire Chalna from Aar Paar (2) Jaaney Kahaan Mera... from Mr. & Mrs. 55 (3) Aankhon hi Aankhon mein from C.I.D (4) Thandi Hawa Kali Ghata from Mr. & Mrs. 55 (5) Yeh Lo Main Hari Piya from Aar Paar (6) Waqt ne Kiya Kya... from Kagaz Ke Phool (7) Jaaney Kya Tuney Kahi from Pyaasa (8) Na Jao Saiya Churake Baiya from Sahib Biwi Aur Gulam (9) Hum Aapki Aankhon Mein from Pyaasa and (10) Mohabbat Karlo from Aar Paar. I bought it with a lot of happiness and joy. I have just finished watching these ten songs once and as they play in the background for a second time I type out this entry in my blog. What a beautiful experience. Recommended for all you music loving blog readers out there. Mohabbat Karlo.....


Blogger vi said...

Hi Dev,
I thought you had quite blogging...good to have you back!
My fav Geeta Dutt song is "Ankhiyan bhool gain hai sona..."


3:10 PM  
Blogger Dev said...

Hi vi, it feels great seeing yr comment. No I haven't quit blogging though I must admit I am not as prolific as I used to be. Am sure that it is a temporary phase. Geeta Dutt's songs are really something to savour, are they not? What if she had not died prematurely? But then maybe even the gods up there liked her voice....

12:47 AM  
Blogger Parag said...

Hi Dev Kumar

Greetings of the day.

I happened to see your blog dedicated to my beloved playback singer Geeta Dutt ji.

It is an excellent piece of article and many thanks for posting it. I am proud to let you know that I am involved with the first ever website dedicated to this singer Geeta Dutt ji. The website is and was launched on 23rd November 2008. Kindly visit the site and do let us know your feedback on the same.

I will be highly grateful if you can provide a link to on your blog.

Many thanks and warmest Regards

(On the behalf of Geeta Dutt fans)

4:34 PM  
Blogger Dev said...

Hi Parag, great to see a Geeta Dutt fan here. esp one who has set up a website in her memory. will definitely provide a link in my blog to your site. regards. dev (22/jan/2009)

10:42 PM  

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