Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Love knows no borders....

Love, it is said, transcends all national boundaries. Many Bollywood films have been made on this theme using Indo-Pak rivalry as a background. Many real life cases of couples marrying across the border have also occured. I am not talking of arranged marriages, which are also welcome, as these keep happening. I remember a case when a former Indian Naval Chief's daughter married a Pakistani General's son. Both of them were studying in a U.S. University. This case which I read in The Times of India a few hours ago tells us why truth is stranger than fiction. Asha Patel, 24, of Mumbai and Khalid Mumtaz of Lahore fell in love with each other while chatting on the internet. Similarly Asha Sharma, 22, of Nainital fell in love with Mumtaz's brother. (The word Asha means hope, maybe that has something to do with both these cases. Some newsreports say that the Nainital girl is Ayesha and not Asha) Both couples exchanged vows on the net. They were desperate to meet their spouses. They met at the Wagah border. The BSF and Pakistani Rangers allowed them to meet for a few minutes only. Their requests for visas had been turned down earlier. Love ke liye kuchch bhi karega. So both couples met again at Chakan da Bagh - the last Indian point on the LoC in Poonch - on Rawlakote road. But they had not realised that this post was meant only to facilitate border crossings for residents of J&K who wanted to meet their relatives in the earthquake struck areas. So they were arrested. The Indian police did a thorough check before letting them go. Movie ideas JP Datta?
Read the original report here.
India stops LoC ‘Love infiltration’ : Report in the Pakistani newspaper Dawn.


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