Saturday, August 12, 2006

Maria Scharff - the collage artist

"No road leads the way. The path follows behind. The journey itself is home." - Anonymous (One of Margi Scharff's favourite quotes)

The latest issue of SPAN the magazine brought out by the U.S. Embassy in India tells me about a collage artist named Margi Scharff. The article is titled An Artist's Pilgrimage and is by Daniel B Haber a Kathmandu based writer. Margi is from Los Angeles and she lives in the Paharganj area of New Delhi - the favourite haunt of backpackers. She conducts writing workshops for underpreviliged children. She is also undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. She collects her raw materials from the roadside. Discarded newspapers and magazines, posters, labels, matchboxes, incense boxes, you name it...
Read More about her:
In pdf format: An Artist's Pilgrimage by Daniel B Haber in SPAN (recommended, opens in new window)
The same article in html (sans pictures)
Her weblog
Patterns of Life: Margi Scharff's 'Road Collages' by Philip Reeves (National Public Radio)


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