Monday, July 24, 2006

Seeing my first short story in print....

A short story (No Medals For Me) I posted in my blog in Sulekha has been published in this week's DNA ME Sunday Supplement (Daily News and Analysis). The child in me is thrilled. Satya Saran, editor DNA Me, had sent me an email some weeks ago.She had written that she had liked the story and that she was 'taking' it. I used to check every Sunday whether it was published or not. I happened to read some good stuff. Including stories sent by others of the Sulekha gang.But I never saw my story. Was pretty sure that I would see it when I was pretty sure that it wouldnt be printed. And that is what happened today morning. Sharing my happiness with all of you out there in the blogosphere. Thanks to all my friends who said that they liked it - Priyanka, Deepti, Jai. Thanks Sulekha. A story I never wrote on paper has now been printed on paper!!!

A direct link to the story as it is printed. (Page 28; Zoom in)

Better still you can see the story as a pdf file with crystal clear clarity. Here is page 1 and here is page 2.


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