Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ganesha in Central Street Mhow (MP), India

Sept 4 2006. Monday. A day before Onam. I was passing through Central Street Mhow when I saw this clay idol of Ganesha. It looked very attractive. The evening puja was yet to start so there were only a few boys sitting at the pandal. A photographer's studio opposite the pandal attracted my attention. I asked the owner if he could click my picture with Ganesha in the background. He was only too happy to oblige me. Two days later the festival of Anant Chaturdashi was held. And all the idols were taken for immersion. Not far away in Indore the number of Ganeshas which were collected for joint immersion at the Narmada came to a staggering 25,000. I personally feel that the time has come for us to seriously consider making Ganeshas in a more eco-friendly and bidegradable manner so that water bodies are not polluted with paints and other toxic materials. Ganesha would be happy if we could achieve that.
p.s.I did a google search for eco-friendly Ganeshas and I found this article from The Hindu dated 29 Aug 2006. It is fascinating to read about some of the items used in making Ganesha idols in Vishakhapatnam. Ganga clay, water colours from Kolkatta, black grapes, nails, `navadhanyalu', coconuts, terracota... and here is another article, also from The Hindu.
Kalpavriksh and its efforts towards making Ganesh puja ecosensitive.
The Ganeshas of Mumbai (from rediff.com)


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