Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Short films at the Youtube Screening Room

Youtube has revolutionised internet use. Everyone who uses the internet will agree that this innovative idea which came about in 2006 thanks to the efforts of Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim has enriched our internet usage.

I am stunned by the range of videos especially the vintage variety which one can see thanks to Youtube. I have also been able to create blog posts based on one topic (The Beatles for instance). And I have also been able to upload a dozen short videos of birds that I shot in this small town where I live. The other day I happened to see the promo for a short film which was available on Youtube and I got to know about the Youtube Screening Room and this gave me access to some lovely short films.

Some of these are award winning films and there is no way that one can get to see them in India in a multiplex or a normal cinema hall. Here are some of the films that I have seen:

(1) The Danish Poet: This is a lovely short film set in Scandinavia which won an Oscar for animation. The narrator is the legendary Liv Ullmann.

(2) 4960: Directed by Wing -Yee Wu this short film is set during the siege of Sarajevo and according to Youtube " follows a young man and woman as they attempt to communicate across the war-torn space between them."

(3) Ryan: An Oscar winning animation film on the famous animator Ryan Larkins who descended into alcoholism and penury. This film is by his friend and fellow animator Chris Landreth.

Why don't you take a visit and see for yourself?

Click to Enter: The Youtube Screening Room.

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