Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Bowstring Winter by Dhruba Hazarika - A new novel set in Shillong

Memories of Shillong: Hills, clouds, rain, mist, cold, plums, pineapples, oranges, good music, guitars, good clothes, faded jeans, pretty girls, the Khasis, Garos, Jaintias, Assamese, Bengalis, Army, Assam Rifles, Geological Survey of India, Laitumukhrah, Nongrim Hills, Nongthymmai, Spread Eagle Falls, Laitkor peak, Happy Valley, Burra Bazar, Police Bazar, State Central Library, Rock concerts in Laban, Dhankheti, St. Edmund's College, Brother Pinto and his Alsatian.....

For Shillong lovers and Shillong watchers (and for book lovers too). A new novel set in Shillong. Just came to know about it from the Penguin India website.

A Bowstring Winter by Dhruba Hazarika.
Dhruba (b. 1956, Shillong) is a product of St. Edmund's College Shillong and of Guwahati University. He has won the Katha award for creative writing in English in 1996.

Looking forward to getting a copy of this book. Will send a recommendation to my online bookshop.


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