Monday, May 22, 2006

Makes no difference to me ji.....

Sharmaji and Pathakji are discussing the rise in fuel prices.
Sharmaji: Fuel prices have risen again Pathakji. I remember it used to be Rs 1.75 a litre in the early seventies before it got doubled. After that it has just kept on increasing.
Pathakji: Haan Sharmaji I remember. In fact in 1979 my elder brother, who was then alive, had told me that petrol is about to become Rs 5 per litre.
Sharmaji: Ek baat to hai Pathakji. It makes no difference to me.
Pathakji: Can you please explain that to me Sharmaji.
Sharmaji: See pehle bhi I used to take hundred rupees ka petrol in my Bajaj Super and now also I take hundred rupees ka petrol.
Pathakji: Arrey waah Sharmaji. What a good idea. I will tell my son also. He has got Hero Honda


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