Saturday, February 07, 2009

Twelve New Species Of Frogs Discovered in the Western Ghats (India)

Researchers led by S.D. Biju of Delhi University and Frankie Bossuyt of the Free University of Brussels have discovered twelve new species of tree frogs (Genus Philautus which was discovered in India in 1854). They also discovered a species of tree frog thought extinct. The Travancore Tree Frog (Philautus travencoricus)had not been seen for hundred years.

According to an article in The Hindu of Feb 4 2009 written by P Venugopal the genus Philautus has 32 species. 19 of these have been discovered by Biju.

I feel happy that there is some good news from the world of nature.

Read the article in The Hindu (4 Feb) by clicking here.

Read article in sciencedaily by clicking here.

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