Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unknown Iraqi woman's blog nominated for Samuel Johnson prize.

Baghdad Burning . A girl blog from Iraq has been nominated for the Samuel Johnson prize. The $52,000 Samuel Johnson prize, established by BBC Four in December 1998, is the world's richest literary prize for non-fiction. This unknown lady writes under the name of Riverbend. She started the blog on August 17, 2003. According to the blog she had worked as a computer programmer but had to give up her job as it became unsafe for women to venture out of their houses. Her blog is on the longlist of 168 entries. This includes Alan Bennett's Untold Stories. Her blog has been categorised under biography and memoir. Let us see whether this blog through which she tells us of her fear and anger through 'three years of occupation and bloodshed' wins the coveted award. I am sure that U.S. Army officials must be reading her blog with intensity. Nothing like knowing what the other side thinks. What if the internet had been around the way it is today during the Vietnam War era?
About the Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction.