Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Short Story In An Anthology

Sulekha (www.sulekha.com) have published the sixth book using contributions from bloggers. It is titled UNWIND:A Whirlwind of Writings. It is an anthology of 23 entries and one of the entries has been written by me. I am fairly sure that it is my short story titled The Teacher And The Student.

Some background: This is one of 48 shortlisted articles/stories by bloggers on Sulekha. Each entry was given an award of Rs. 10,000. Of these 48 entries 25 were selected for an anthology published by Penguin India. My story did not make it to this list of 25.

I had suggested to Team Sulekha that they must not let the 23 entries vanish. I was pleased when they wrote to me telling me that they are taking up my suggestion.

Well, this book is the result. I have just placed an online order for a copy.

Click here to read the announcement by Team Sulekha.

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